Dutch User Interface and Information Designer

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Information and messages can be designed and packaged in many forms. Analyzing, structuring and designing information are my key strengths. I help people, organisations and companies communicate their stories more effectively with the help of various products.

My workfield stretches out to both web and print. I design clean interfaces for the web and make sure the user experience plays a key role during this process. As an information designer I focus on designing processes, stories, research-reports and annual reports.

I run my own design studio called Brandstof. gordonjakob.me is my personal website and outlet. I'm on dribbble. You can reach me at hi@gordonjakob.me or on twitter.

Recent work

Eet.nu is the largest online restaurant guide in the Netherlands. A lot of the content is user-generated therefore most of the design decisions are based on this variable content. For a period of about a year I worked together with the eet.nu team on the redesign of their website. - visit project

Below some of the eet.nu design elements.

DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. Their main office is based in the Netherlands. I have helped them create a visual summary of their annual report and an online version of their 2012 report. - Coming soon

Below parts of the DSM Visual Summary 2012.

HEVO is a company specialized in housing and projectmanagement. Every quarter they publish a magazine called 360 containing a spread with research findings. These research findings come in raw data and documents. I design and structure this data so it is easier to digest. - visit project

Below parts of the HEVO research spread.

Sound Campaign is an online promotion service for music professionals and labels. I founded it together with Tom-Eric Gerritsen and Sebastiaan Beek. It is currently in development so I can't show too much right now.